Stewardship Resources

Discussion Questions

For parish groups

1. How does your parish reach out in justice and love?

  • Physical need for shelter and food
  • Food bank, Out of the Cold and/or St. Vincent de Paul Society
  • Refugee sponsorship
  • Advocacy work that is rooted in Catholic Social Teaching
  • Emotional need to be seen and heard
  • The gift of presence – do we see Christ present in the other?
  • The gift of listening – everyone has a story to share.  Are we open to receiving their story?
  • The gift of encouragement – do we find ways to encourage others to engage with sharing their own special talent?  Have we been encouraged to share our own talents with the parish community?
  • Can you see a wider path for inviting parishioners on the journey of reaching out to the needy?

2. How does your parish community experience the Gospel?

  • Sacraments
  • Sacramental Preparation
  • Weddings 
  • Funerals
  • RCIA
  • Liturgy of the Hours
  • Bible study
  • Bible camp for children
  • Lectio Divina
  • Liturgy of the Word with Children
  • Alpha and/or other small groups
  • Men’s and Women’s groups
  • Parish Missions, Ministry Retreats and/or Stewardship Retreats 
  • Dramatizations of Gospel stories with children and/or adults, Passion Plays – e.g. Oberammergau, Germany
  • Pilgrimages to Holy Land, Rome, Santiago de Compostela, St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica, St. Paul’s Basilica, Martyrs Shrine, World Youth Day, Eucharistic Congress, etc.

3. How does your parish nurture beauty?

  • Liturgical music and art
  • Tour of your church’s sacred spaces
  • Decorations in the sanctuary – flowers, liturgical themes
  • Well-kept grounds – places for contemplation
  • Inviting gardeners to plant flowers 

4. How does your parish support fun and joy as an extension of Stewardship?

  • Tree lighting ceremony at Christmas, followed by hot chocolate
  • Parish skating parties
  • Concerts
  • Volunteer appreciation gatherings
  • Pasta nights, Foods of the World potlucks
  • Parish picnics
  • Sports activities
  • Harvest bazaars 
  • Sunday coffee after Mass
  • Pancake Breakfast

5. The Cardinal states, “We are stewards of our life and not masters.”  How does your parish experience or are informed to understand this in terms of:

  • Abortion
  • Chronic illness and suffering
  • Euthanasia 
  • Sacredness of marriage
  • The gift of children
  • The gift of grandparents and the elderly
  • The gift of the mature adult who balances both the lives of the very young and the elderly
  • The gift of creation

6. Who can your parishioners turn to for education and support when facing a crisis?

  • A crisis of faith – opportunities for spiritual direction
  • A crisis of health 
  • A crisis of life meaning – depression
  • A crisis of finances – inability to provide for the basics of life

7. How do you welcome people into full, active engagement in your parish life?

  • Those who are new to the faith – once the RCIA is completed
  • Those preparing for the sacraments and their parents
  • Parents with small children
  • Persons with special needs
  • New parishioners 
  • Those who are new to the neighbourhood and parish community

8. How does your parish encourage and nurture vocations?

  • To the priesthood
  • To the Permanent Diaconate
  • To religious and consecrated life
  • To married life
  • To lay ministry

9. How does your parish encourage faith practices?

  • Prayer and Adoration
  • Rosary
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Processions
  • Family Faith Practices
  • Celebrating milestones (e.g. graduations, anniversaries)
  • Equipping parents and grandparents as faith formers
  • Serving those in need

10. How does your parish form disciples for ministry and mission?

  • Altar servers
  • Lectors
  • Liturgy of the Word with Children 
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
  • Liturgical Musicians
  • Ministers of Hospitality
  • Catechists
  • RCIA 
  • Youth and Young Adults
  • Families
  • Maturing Adults 
  • Sacramental Preparation 
  • Visitors to the Sick
  • Ministers of Bereavement 

11. How do you encourage other people to share their time and talents?

  • Stewardship Committee 
  • Ministry Fairs
  • Witness talks
  • Preaching
  • Catechesis
  • Annual renewals of time and talent
  • Personalized invitations to join a ministry
  • Recognizing and encouraging the potential of others (e.g. Spiritual Gifts Survey, CliftonStrengths Assessment)
  • Gestures of appreciation to those who are engaged in ministry

12. How does your parish foster “an attitude of gratitude”?

  • Towards God
  • Towards parishioners
  • Beyond the parish family