Step 1:   Positions of Trust - Volunteer Application Process

In a position where there is a higher risk level and involves added responsibility, the positions are deemed as a Position of Trust.  

  The following are required:

  1. Positions of Trust require a higher level of screening, which includes an in-person interview, 3-references and a current and clear Criminal Records Check.  These screening measures must be completed prior to beginning your ministry position.

  2. After reviewing the list of positions under "Positions of Trust," please click on the red button, A position of Trust Volunteer Application Form.

  3. This form should be completed and returned to your Parish Volunteer Screening Committee at the Parish Office.  It can be sent in via e-mail or in-person.

  4. After the Volunteer Application Form has been reviewed by the screening committee, you will be invited to the parish for an in-person interview. 



Step 2:  In-Person Interview, Police Information Check and References

  In-person interview and reference checks include:

  1. After the in-person interview has been conducted, the Parish Volunteer Screening Coordinator will provide 2 options to obtain an Enhanced Police Information Check. 

  2. The screening coordinator will confirm the contact information that you have provided for your references at the time of the interview.  

    • Anyone on the committee may support with checking references during this time frame.  
    • References are conducted via phone, or via letter request by the screening committee

  Options available for your police information check:

  1. The 1st option is via an online link, and the 2nd option is through completion of a paper consent form. This service is facilitated by our background screening service provider, Sterling Talent Solutions. 

  2. If you prefer the online option, the screening coordinator will send you an email with a template that includes a video demonstration and a secure link to start your check online. 

    • Your email address will be confirmed at the time of the interview so that you will receive this information.
    • This check can be completed online within 24-hours from the date you verify your ID online through 4-6 security questions facilitated through TransUnion ID authentication process (platform).

  1. If you prefer the paper consent form option, your parish screening coordinator will provide the consent form to you at the end of the in-person interview. 

    • You will simply need to provide 2 forms of ID for viewing only.
    • Click to view Types of Acceptable ID that your screening coordinator may witness 

Information Pastor will receive:

  1. Once the email confirmation is returned and is completed (cleared without any concerns), the volunteer may begin in the position of trust.  

  2. The Parish Screening Coordinator may notify the volunteer, and put the volunteer in contact with the appropriate ministry leader.

Option 1:  Online Screening Process for Police Check

The link to the online search will be sent to your email by the Volunteer Coordinator from your local parish.  You will need to use the specific link to start the search, which is no additional cost to you.

  • Simply select the name of your parish and location from the drop-down menu and begin the screening process.  Your ID will be verified using security questions using the Electronic ID Verification (EIV) process.

  • An email notification will be sent to your pastor from the Volunteer Screening Department as confirmation of your clearance within 24-hours from the date of the search.  This will not contain your actual report.

  • A secure link will be sent to your email address from Sterling Talent Solutions ( which will provide you with a link to their secure site allowing you to log in using your credentials to view your results online.

  • As the parish will receive a confirmation notice from the Archdiocese of Toronto, there is no need to print the report or send anything in addition to the parish office.

Option 2:  Paper Consent Form for Police Check

  Click to view acceptable forms of ID & Parish Screening Instructions: Types of Acceptable ID 

  • As the paper consent form is an internal document, the Parish Screening Coordinator will provide this form to you in person and witness your completion of the form.

  • Both of your signatures will be required to authorize the search.  The coordinator will view 2 forms of acceptable identification, however, copies of ID are no longer required.  There is no additional cost to you.

  • Once this has been completed, the request will be submitted by the  Volunteer Screening Coordinator via email scan or via fax from the parish office.

  • An email notification will be sent to your pastor from the Volunteer Screening Department as confirmation of your clearance within 24-hours from the date of the search.  This will not contain your actual report.

  • Out of respect for the privacy of our applicants, printed copies of police checks are not sent to parish locations.  Pastors receive an email clearance notification with name and date of the applicant.

  • If you wish to obtain a copy of your report, you may contact the Privacy Department at Sterling Talent Solutions via email at or  1-866-455-5671, or you may contact the Volunteer Screening Advisor at the Archdiocese of Toronto at 416-934-3400 ext. 517.

Reminder Tips:  Police Checks Requirements

 A new, current and clear police check is always required for Adults 18 + prior to beginning volunteer ministries.

  • As a method of screening youth volunteers who are under 18 years of age, an in-person interview is conducted, and 3-references are obtained.  

  • Under the Youth & Criminal Justice Act, files for youth under 18 years of age are sealed and a Criminal Records Check may not be conducted for youth under 18 years of age.

We appreciate your commitment to your parish and thank you for your time and participation in this process.

Positions of Trust include the following:

  1. Ministries involving children and youth under 16 years of age

  2. Ministries involving visitations to sick persons /and or seniors homes, hospitals, schools, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, retirement homes etc.

  3. Counting funds, access to financial information (i.e. depositing funds etc.)

  4. Access to keys to parish, or alarm systems at parish

  5. Access to confidential information in parish office, or within ministry position

Inquiries regarding the screening process can be made to Volunteer Screening via phone (416) 934-3400 ext. 517,    or via email to