​Parish Volunteers Involved with Other Lay Groups

The Archdiocese of Toronto recognizes the good work of the volunteers who participate through lay associations and groups within the parish communities. In cases where a Pastor has requested the service and support of individuals who are involved with lay ministries, these individuals are considered parish volunteers and are representing the parish.

Prior to participation as parish volunteers, individuals are required to go through an in-person interview, provide 3 references in good-standing, and submit a current and clear police information check.

A listing of the most common ministry position descriptions are outlined below. These descriptions include overviews of responsibilities while representing the parish within the community (including schools, nursing homes, hospitals etc.), where proof of current screening is required. 

Remember that when volunteers represent the parish community, they are "parish volunteers" and are screened as positions of trust outlined in the descriptions below. This is separate from the lay association/group/ministry or any other organization that the volunteer may be a member of.

Listing of ministry positions involved in community

 Core Member-High Risk.pdf

 Key Holder-High Risk.pdf

 Parish Event Activities Coordinator-Leader-High Risk.pdf

 Parish Event Activities Helper-High Risk.pdf 

 Parish Fundraising Committee Coordinator-Leader-High Risk.pdf

 Parish Fundraising Committee Member.pdf

 Parish Prayer Group Coordinator-High Risk.pdf 

 Parish Prayer Group Member-High Risk.pdf

 Parish Volunteer-Extraordinary Minister of Communion of the Sick-High Risk.pdf

For questions concerning screening recommendations and requirements, please contact the Archdiocese of Toronto's Volunteer Screening Program at 416-924-3400 ext. 517.  The above chart and list outline these requirements in detail.