Volunteer Application Forms

Please select the volunteer application form below based on your age level.  

Please note that these positions have been assessed with an added level of responsibility, which includes ministries that have vulnerable participants, or with a higher level of responsibility 

  Examples of the added level of responsibility include:  

  1.  handling funds

  2. access to confidential information at parish office

  3. access to keys and alarm systems

  4. visitations to homes, hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and schools

  5.  access to participant groups where vulnerable individuals are present including participants 

       that are children, youth, elderly or a person with a disability

Volunteer Application Form - for youth (under 18 years of age)

 Click the link below to view form:

  Volunteer Application Form- Minors under 18 in High Risk/Positions of Trust

  Screening Process:

  Youth volunteers under 18 years of age require the following prior to participation:

1. An in-person interview

2.Three (3) references confirmed by the Parish Volunteer Screening Committee

Volunteer Application Form - for Adults (18 years of age and older)

 Click the link below to view form:

 Volunteer Application Form - Adults 18+ in High Risk/Positions of Trust

 Screening Process:

 Adult volunteers (18 years of age and older) require the following prior to participation: 

 1.  An in-person interview 

 2.  Three (3) references checked by your Parish Screening Committee

 3.  A police information check through our screening service provider facilitated through Sterling

       Talent Solutions

 4.  The Parish Screening Coordinator will provide you with 2 options to obtain a police 

       information check at the time of the interview.  

 Obtaining a Police Information Check: Online Option                                    

  The online process is offered through a secure link                                                         
  • An email with a link to secure site will be sent to you by the Parish Screening Coordinator.    
  • This email includes the secure link, with video demonstration and client support number along with details necessary for you to verify your ID through TransUnion's authentication platform.     
  • An email notification will be sent to your pastor 24-hours after the search has been completed. You may log into your account using your online credentials created with Sterling to view your result.  
    • As your pastor will receive an email notification, there is no need to print the report for the parish office.  
    • In observation of each applicant's privacy and confidentiality, reports are not disclosed to parish locations. 
    • An email clearance is sent by the Volunteer Screening Advisor once directly confirming that your report is, in fact, clear and that you may volunteer.   
  • DO NOT print your report or log into your account and share your report with anyone.
  • As this report contains your name, date of birth etc. we do not require the printed copy of your report.  Confirmation will be sent to your Pastor directly by the Volunteer Screening Advisor at the Archdiocese of  Toronto.

Obtaining a Police Information Check:  Paper Consent Forms

  • The Parish Screening Coordinator will provide the form to you directly at the end of an interview.
  • He/she will view  2 forms of ID and will sign as witnessing your ID in person at the parish.
  • As photocopies of ID are no longer required; your ID will be viewed only.
  • The consent form only will be sent in via fax or via email to Sterling for processing. 
  • An email notification will be sent to your Pastor by the Volunteer Screening Department 24-hours after the search has been completed. 
  • The paper consent form is shredded once your Pastor receives the email clearance notification.
  • Should you wish to obtain a copy of your report, you may contact Sterling Talent Solutions' Privacy Department via email to privacy@sterlingts.com or 1-866-455-5671.