​Postions of Trust - ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ministry Position Descriptions​​ ​

The ministry positions listed below are considered positions with an added level of responsibility, including working with vulnerable persons. For this reason, these positions are considered Positions of Trust and require screening.

Af​ter reviewing the position description, you may complete the Volunteer Application Form and submit to your parish directly. A representative from the Parish Volunteer Screening Committee will contact you for an in-person interview.

After a successful interview you will receive instructions to obtain an Enhanced Criminal Records Check (E-PIC) check online. Once the criminal records check has cleared and your 3-references have been contacted, the Parish Volunteer Screening Committee will contact you with next steps in your ministry position. The Parish Guidelines for Volunteers (Positions of Trust) should be reviewed prior to beginning your ministry position.

Please note that each parish is unique and may have a position at the parish that does not appear on the list below. In cases such as these, a ministry position description can be created. The Parish Volunteer Screening Coordinator may consult with the Volunteer Screening Department at the Archdiocese of Toronto to have this ministry position description created for the specific role.

Positions of Trust - In Alphabetical Order

  1. Altar Server Coordinator

  2. Bereavement Team Coordinator

  3. Bereavement Team Member

  4. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Catechist

  5. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Coordinator

  6. Catechumenal Catechist of Children's Initiation

  7. Custodian-Maintenance Person

  8. ​​Extraordinary Minister of Communion Coordinator

  9. Extraordinary Minister of Communion of the Sick to Homes-Institutions

  10. Lay Pastoral Visitor

  11. Lay Pastoral Visitor's Coordinator

  12. Liturgy of the Word with Children Coordinator

  13. Liturgy of the Word with Children Helper-Volunteer

  14. Liturgy of the Word with Children Leader

  15. Liturgical Hospitality - Greeters and Ushers.pdf

  16. New Beginnings Peer Group Facilitator.pdf

  17. Outreach Program Friendly Visitor

  18. Outreach Program Coordinator

  19. Outreach Program Meal Delivery

  20. Parish Office Assistant Volunteer

  21. Parish Volunteer Screening Committee Member

  22. Parish Volunteer Screening Coordinator

  23. Prayer Group Coordinator

  24. Refugee Sponsorship Committee

  25. Religious Articles Vendor

  26. Religious Education Assistant

  27. Religious Education Catechist

  28. Religious Education Coordinator

  29. ShareLife Campaign Chairperson

  30. Sport's League Coach

  31. Totus Tuus Parish Program Coordinator

  32. Volunteer Driver