Resources - Ontario Screening Initiative

A portion of the Volunteer Screening Manual, Strengthening the Caring Community was completed from the Screening in Faith manual developed by Volunteer Canada, which acts as a reference manual for the procedures in place at the Archdiocese of Toronto.      

  • It is to be noted that Volunteer Canada and the Archdiocese of Toronto do not share pastoral responsibilities or duties and are not legally bound to each other.  
  • We wish to thank Volunteer Canada, the national voice for volunteerism in Canada, for their excellent work and for providing us with great resources.​

 Click to view the Policy & Procedures Manual:

 Strengthening the Caring Community-Volunteer Screening Manual


Click ​ below to view resources from Volunteer Canada:

 Understanding the Screening Initiative - Volunteer Canada (1999)

 Ontario Law & Social Policy Information-Volunteer Canada

 Youth Safe Steps Screening Resource - Volunteer Canada

​ Understanding Police Records Check


Click below for resources under the Government of Canada website:

 Government of Canada- Best Practice Guidelines for Public Safety

 Government of Canada- Best Practice Guidelines Handbook

 The Screening Handbook-Overview from Government of Canada


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