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Pastoral Mission Fund

The Pastoral Mission Fund was established in 1982 to assist missionary sisters and priests of parishes and indigenous orders with small projects and programs directly related to evangelization and strengthening of the Roman Catholic faith. Funding is allocated to small-scale religious projects for the support of religious programs at the parish level in spreading the Good News.

Through this ShareLife-funded agency allocations are made in support of missionaries working at a grassroots level in the developing nations in Africa, India, Vietnam, South America, Haiti, and Oceania.
An allocations committee administers the Pastoral Mission Fund. Members are ‘returned’ missionaries and/or pastors of the Roman Catholic Church in Toronto who volunteer their time and services. The committee meets three times a year to review applications to the fund in:

PMF Allocation Meeting #1 – March (for applications received November to February)
PMF Allocation Meeting #2 – July
(for applications received March to June)
PMF Allocation Meeting #3 – November (for applications received July to October)

Applicants must apply individually with a written project proposal application in English for projects directly related to pastoral-evangelization (religious) work to be eligible for funding. It must be fully endorsed by the local Bishop where the project will be implemented. Applications must be received via postal mail. A digital copy can also be sent through email, but will only be considered once the original/hard copy is received.

Recipients and their dioceses must comply with Revenue Canada Agency regulations for funds sent outside of Canada. Non-compliance will prevent the funding of future projects to dioceses and parishes.

For more detailed information and guidelines for applying to the Pastoral Mission Fund outlining our process and procedures including what is eligible for funding, what ineligible, timelines and other pertinent allocation information, please download Pastoral Mission Fund (PMF) guidelines.

For more information on the Pastoral Mission Fund projects, send an email to: pmf@archtoronto.org.