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Pastoral Plan - Parish Life

“And all who believed were together and had all things in common…”
– Acts 2:44

​Our parishes are spiritual homes where we meet one another to encounter Christ. Our plan calls on us to make our 225 parishes places of welcome and hospitality, both for those who are with us each week and those who return home after many years. We will prepare ourselves with care each week to celebrate the sacraments and encourage attentive and active participation from everyone.  We will support our priests and deacons as they lead the way, and when asked to assist, we will respond. We’re all in this together. It’s important that we celebrate the many parishes already engaged in outreach ministries and programs that support the family, the domestic church. We can learn from their wonderful example.


  1. ​​​Celebration of the Sunday Eucharist with full, conscious and active participation by the faithful
  2. Opportunities for prayer, spiritual formation and enrichment
  3. A communal life in the parish which offers welcome, hospitality & outreach
  4. Strong pastoral leadership in the parish which promotes diverse & collaborative roles of pastoral service
  5. Effective pastoral governance – structures & committees in the parish which promote stewardship and ensure accountability
  6. Supporting the family, the domestic church
  7. Commitment to a renewed evangelization – catechesis & formation in the faith
  8. A strong witness to an aposto​​lic mission – outreach ministries and service

Questions for Discussion
To be used at parish meetings, personal reflection, etc.

  1. What does it mean to have an “engaged parish?”
  2. Why is it important for parishioners to be involved in a parish community beyond attending Mass on Sunday?
  3. What can we do to reach out to members of our parish who are not currently involved in our ministries or programs? What are we doing to make parishioners aware of the activities taking place in our community?
  4. How can each member of our parish be encouraged to use their unique gifts and talents in service of the Church? Do our ministries reflect the interests and demographics of our parish (e.g, family and youth, students, young adults, men and women, and the elderly)?
  5.  If someone were visiting our parish on the weekend, what would they tell a friend about us?
  6. What does our parish do really well? What area do we need to improve?

Lord, we thank you for making our Church a place of community where people of all walks of life can worship you with one heart and mind. Inspire each of us to see​k ways of using our gifts and talents in service of the Church and to encourage others to do the same. Imbue in the people of this parish a deep missionary identity that reaches out and draws in those thirsting for your love.

Prayers of the Faithful
​We pray for the Pastoral Plan of the Archdioces​e of Toro​nto and our efforts to realize the goals of this spiritual roadmap.  May our parish be a place of welcome and hospitality and may our ministries draw people into the mission of the church and closer to the heart of God. We pray to the Lord.

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