General Overview

To provide accounting and financial expertise for our clergy, our Chancery office personnel and to all our parishes and other associated Catholic entities.


  • Provide standardized operating policies and procedures to enable parishes to effectively manage their resources and provide accounting of activities of the Diocese/clergy, ministries, and offices including ShareLife, The Shepherds’ Trust, and Lay Employees Pension Plan.


  • Provide direction and support to ensure that our parishes and departments are in compliance with applicable Federal/Provincial/Municipal and Archdiocesan laws/rules and regulations.


  • Prepare the annual financial statements for audit and publication, for the Archdiocese, ShareLife Trust, Shepherds’ Trust and the Pension Plan for the Lay Employees.

  • Review in concert with the Chancellor of Temporal Affairs and the Planning & Property Department, major capital expenditures of parishes.

  • Review and monitor the financial performance of parishes, the Catholic Register, Catholic Cemeteries and senior housing projects and other related Catholic entities as appropriate. Administration of Property and Liability Insurance programs for the Archdiocese of Toronto.