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Living the Gospel Through ShareLife

Posted : Mar-13-2024

The weekend of Sunday, March 17 marks the first ShareLife Sunday of 2024. ShareLife is one of the principal ways that the Archdiocese of Toronto lives by the Gospel by helping our neighbours in need. Below, Arthur Peters, Executive Director of ShareLife, shares more about the work of ShareLife.

What is unique about how ShareLife supporters address the challenges faced by their communities?

ShareLife supporters are able to support the mission work of the church in a way that respects the values that we hold as a faith community. While our social service agencies serve the entire community regardless of religious affiliation, they do so while respecting the values and beliefs of the Catholic Church.

In addition, their contributions provide for the education of our clergy and seminarians, as well as to support hospital chaplains, youth programs and the work of the church in the greater world.

Is there a ShareLife-initiative you hold particularly close to your heart?

In my time with ShareLife, I have seen and learned of the many ways that our support makes a difference. These stories remind me of the importance of our annual appeal and why we as a Catholic community come together to support ShareLife.

While there are many, one story that I learned of was a young boy who arrived at Camp Ozanam with nothing more than a bag of chips. His mother didn’t send any clothes or toiletries with him, as she didn’t want him to damage his clothes before school. The camp staff went out and purchased clothes and other essential items the boy would need for his week at summer camp. 

This story has always stuck with me. Each year hundreds of young boys enjoy a summer camp experience thanks to the generosity of ShareLife supporters.

As a former participant in the 1970’s, I can still remember being there, and through ShareLife we are creating lifetime memories for the boys who enjoy this summer camp experience.

How can individuals support the ShareLife Parish Campaign?

Parishioners can support ShareLife through the collections that take place at the parish (March 17, April 28 and June 2). In addition, they can also make a contribution online at, or through gifts of securities (contact the ShareLife office for more details.)

Parishioners can also become a monthly donor through our website. We are grateful for all who make the work of our agencies possible through their support for ShareLife!

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