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40 Days for Life Fall Campaign

Wednesday, September 27, 2023 07:00 AM - Sunday, November 05, 2023 07:00 PM
Dufferin/Lawerence; 811 Lawrence Ave W Toronto

Hands together

In 2021, the number of abortions in Ontario was 34,988* which is very concerning; the testimony that I shared above is a reflect of the harm that abortion cause to society in general, where more than 34,988 people carry the burden of this decision. In this case it was someone that suffered and regretted not being able to share her life with her baby brother.

*; Statistics (

It is crucial that all Toronto Catholics take action to defend life!

We do a Silence & Praying campaign in front of the abortion clinic at Dufferin & Lawrence

We will be praying on the southwest corner of intersection Dufferin St and Lawrence Ave W; 150 meters away from the abortion clinic, Women’s Care Clinic.


One of our volunteers was standing by herself at the campaign on Sunday afternoon, facing the cold weather and offering her silence prayer, when "Therese" approached her crying, thanking her for standing up for the unborn. "Therese" told Wendy how she still carries a deep grief because her mom decided to terminate the pregnancy of her brother. Wendy listened and consoled her, seeing how "Therese '' face changed from sorrow to gratitude. An act of Love can in a matter of seconds heal a suffering soul and that was exactly what happened: The Holy Spirit was between them and they both felt the presence of our Merciful God who comforted "Therese" and strengthened Wendy!