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Archbishop Leo's Homily on the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Posted : Jun-16-2023

Archbishop Leo celebrated the Daily TV Mass today, the Solemnity of the Most Holy Sacred Heart of Jesus. Text and link to the video of his homily can be found below:

Praise be Jesus Christ!

Brothers and sisters, in our Catholic devotional life, each month has a special dedication, specially consecrated, where we focus on an aspect of our Catholic faith. For example, May is the month dedicated to the Blessed Mother; July to the Precious Blood of Jesus; October is the Rosary month; and November, we pray for the departed, for the souls in purgatory. June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

As we celebrate the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we focus on Jesus' Heart as the universal, and the best, symbol of love, of truth, of faith. This is the symbol which we promote, which we cherish, together with the Cross of Jesus, that speak to us of God's love for all of humanity, for us His children. And one of the most touching and developed devotions in the church is this one to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, rooted in our expression and our experience of faith, and of grace.

Now the heart, in Biblical language, points to the core - the centre of a person - where emotions dwell, where sentiments and where intentions dwell. So, we are reminded, firstly, of God's love for us in Jesus. Love enfleshed, love incarnate. As we read in today's first reading, “God so loved the world, he sent his Son.” When God loves, He gives gifts: He gave us Jesus. That's the proof of God the Father's love: sending Jesus to save us.

And so, we're reminded of God's love for us, but we're also challenged to imitate the heart, imitate the love of Jesus for us. For Jesus loved all persons, because He is God. He is love. In His human nature, in His divine nature, He loves all. But the scriptures, the Gospels, speak to us about a predilection, a special love of Jesus, for his Father, a special love for the Blessed Mother, a special love for sinners, for the needy and a special love for children.

And Jesus' love was unconditional. Jesus' love was sacrificial. Jesus' love was life-giving, creative, fateful, authentic, pure and compelling. And in today's Gospel, Jesus says, "Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble of heart." He is our teacher, even of how to love, we look to Jesus, and to His Sacred Heart: gentle and meek of heart; humble of heart. And He says that He will restore our souls, we will find rest for our souls. Our souls that at times are tired because of the many worries we have. Our souls that might be tired because we're hanging on to past hurts. Our souls are tired perhaps, because of lifestyle decisions we've made that we need to repent and turn to Jesus. He restores our souls; He gives rest to our souls.

And so, this month is very important for us to promote THE symbol of love and acceptance, which is the Sacred Heart of Jesus. And Jesus says that we are to look to Him, to learn from Him. He teaches our heart how to love. And in the tradition of the Church we have these wonderful apparitions of Jesus, the Saint Gertrude, the Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, and others. Telling us how much He loves us, and how our focus should always be the awesome, life-giving, unconditional love of Jesus that should mark every word that comes out of our mouth, every sentiment in our heart and in our mind. Every action imbued with the love of Jesus. This is how we will spread and strengthen His kingdom on earth.