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Statement from Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, re: Racism, Dialogue & Respect

Posted : Jun-05-2020

June 5, 2020

We have witnessed shocking events, most recently the violent death of George Floyd, that have prompted protests and important conversations both in the United States and our own country, on the topic of racism and violence. In our own archdiocese, there have been peaceful demonstrations and dialogue based on our local reality and concern for one another.

It is important that, in these conversations, we authentically listen to the plight of those who have been victims of racism, intolerance and violence. I firmly believe on these occasions that we should all listen more than we speak, in order to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the suffering of others.

While we enjoy one of the most ethnically diverse faith communities in North America, we must continue to remind ourselves daily to follow the example of Jesus to love one another as ourselves without exception. Racism knows no boundaries and it remains a present day challenge that must not be ignored.

We join together in prayer for victims of racism, violence and intolerance and for those who are working peacefully to effect change. May each one of us reflect the loving face of Jesus to all those whom we encounter on the journey.