The Public Square

The UN General Assembly hall at Geneva

Informed Witness

The Saint Monica Institute offers formation, support, and resources for Catholic policy makers, professionals, and activists, including policy roundtables and think tanks, support networks, and certification for:

  • candidates for public office;
  • directors of public and private boards;
  • medical, legal, business, and other professionals and vocations; and
  • anyone called to defend their faith in public.
Vacant seats at parliament
Public Office
Catholics should be active in civic life, as voters, volunteers, board members, and office holders. The values they bring can make a difference.
Delegates to UN Disarmament meetings in NY, 2014
Public Policy
From health care to disarmament, the principles, values, and virtues of Catholic social doctrine have much to offer for the sake of the common good.
A woman reads a paper with the headline "Fake News"
Responsible New Sources
Truth is the foundation of democracy. Society cannot flourish without truthful, balanced, and responsible news sources.
A young woman speaks with an insecure person in a parish hall
Informed Witness
As secular society drifts further from God toward intolerance and aggression, so grows the need for witness by joyful and informed Catholics.