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The theme of the 42nd Annual Cardinal’s Dinner, was “A Journey Toward Healing and Reconciliation.”  The event featured conversations with many Indigenous Catholics who shared their thoughts, perspectives and hopes as we continue our journey to healing and reconciliation as Catholics and Canadians.

You’re invited to explore this selection of interview segments to hear more from those who kindly participated in the dinner.  We’ve listed all of the segments by interviewee and subject.

Deacon John Brown
Deacon John Brown
Deacon John Brown, Legal and Strategic Advisor, Indigenous Initiatives, McCarthy Tétrault LLP
Video Playlist
  1. Introducing Deacon John Brown
  2. The Church and Canada's Role in Establishing Indian Residential Schools
  3. The Church's Misguided Involvement in the Schools
  4. Colonialism and the Doctrine of Discovery
  5. Is there Hope for Indigenous/Catholic Relations? 
  6. What's Your Hope for the Future?
  7. What's the Role of the Holy Father?
  8. Was It Wrong for the Church to be Involved in the Schools?

Maria Lucas
Maria Lucas, Black-Indigenous Catholic Youth
Video Playlist
Maria Lucas
  1. Introducing Maria Lucas
  2. How Did Pope Benedict Inspire You?
  3. Was the Issue of Gravesites Hiding in Plain Sight?
  4. Residential School System Antithetic to Real Catholicism
  5. Evangelization vs Colonialization
  6. The Important Role of the Pope
  7. What Keeps You Catholic?

Julia Kozak
Julia Kozak
Julia Kozak, Indigenous (Nisga'a) Advocate/Artist and Catholic Catechist
Video Playlist
  1. Introducing Julia Kozak
  2. The Legacy of Residential Schools in Canada
  3. Our Role as Catholics in Healing and Reconciliation
  4. My Message to my Indigenous Brothers and Sisters
  5. Healing Canada's Relationship with Indigenous People
  6. Church Involvement in the Residential Schools System
  7. My Hope for the Delegation to the Vatican and a Papal Apology

Fr. Michael Knox, SJ
Fr. Michael Knox, SJ, Director, Martyrs' Shrine, Midland
Video Playlist
Fr. Michael Knox, SJ
  1. Was it Evangelization? 
  2. Summarizing the Jesuit Indigenous Relationship in New France
  3. Early Contact and Church Involvement
  4. Jesuit Evangelization
  5. Baptizing Indigenous People
  6. Sainte Marie Among the Hurons
  7. Jesuits in New France

Graydon Nicholas
Graydon Nicholas, Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet)
Graydon Nicholas, Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet), Chancellor, St. Thomas University
Video Playlist
  1. Introducing Graydon Nicholas
  2. The Establishment of Residential Schools in Canada
  3. Church Involvement in the Residential Schools System
  4. A Source of Inspiration
  5. What Is Your Advice to Catholics?
  6. Intersection of Indigenous Spirituality and Catholic Faith
  7. What Does the Path Forward Look Like?

Elder John Robinson
Elder John Robinson, Ojibway, Native Peoples Mission, Toronto
Video Playlist
Elder John Robinson
  1. Introducing Elder John Robinson
  2. My Hope for the Future
  3. My Day School Experience
  4. Is the Church on the Right Path?
  5. Indian Residential Schools
  6. Importance of a Papal Apology
  7. What is a Purification Ceremony?
  8. What is the Meaning of the Ceremony?