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Teacher Application/Reference Form

Download: Priest Reference Form for Teacher Ap​plicants​​

The process for hiring new Catholic teachers, as developed by each local Catholic school board, is extensive and complex. The process includes consultation, where possible, with local clergy about potential teacher candidates. The priest’s response is one important part of the total process. This form is intended to provide the required information for each of the school boards within the Archdiocese of Toronto.

To assist priests with reference requests and to provide consistency for all involved, use this template for pastoral references, which we trust honours both your professional integrity and your busy ministry schedules. Priests who provide recommendations for teacher applicants are requested to interview the applicant on the basis of this form, and/or compose a letter, as they prefer. Please do not feel obligated to provide a pastoral reference for a candidate if you feel you are unable to do so.

The information most helpful to the school boards is clearly indicated in the questionnaire. Teacher candidates have a legal right to access their files, but the only others with access are school board personnel involved in the hiring.

We thank you for your involvement in this process and for your encouragement and support of the ministry of Catholic teaching.