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Support Your Parish

To limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to adhere to the regulations of the Government of Ontario, all churches in the Archdiocese of Toronto have limited attendance capacity.

Our primary concern continues to be the health and well-being of our parishioners, clergy, and staff.

However, these difficult circumstances show just how important the offertory is to the life of our parishes.  The reality is that our parishes rely on the support of their parishioners to operate – salaries, programs and ongoing operating costs (heating, water, electricity, etc.) are funded through the generosity of parishioners. It has been challenging for most parishes to maintain operations without the usual weekly offertory collection. For those attending Mass, please deposit your envelope after Mass in the collection basket at the door of the church. You may want to consider giving electronically instead by visiting our Donate Now page.  

If you are still unable to attend Mass at this time, there are several ways you can continue to support your parish at this time:

  • Drop off or mail your regular weekly offertory contribution to the parish office.

  • Visit our Donate Now page by clicking here and select the region for our parish from the map. You will be taken to a page that allows you to choose  our parish, and the amount of your gift (one-time or recurring), and payment method (credit card or chequing account). 

Finally, you can contribute to the offertory via on-line banking – similar to how you may be paying your utility bills. To do this, we need to send you your unique account number. Please e-mail us at In the body of the email provide us with your name, address, parish name and municipality. We will email you your account information which you can use to set up the Archdiocese of Toronto as a payee in your on-line banking. Your gift will be forwarded to your parish. You can make a one time or recurring gift to your offertory. This is the most cost effective way to donate electronically.

If you have any questions we'll be pleased to assist in our Development Office at the Archdiocese of Toronto, 416-934-3400, ext. 540.