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Exorcism​ Protocol​


  1. Those seeking the assistance of an exorcist for themselves or another should first contact their local parish priest and request his assistance.  The parish priest should meet with the individual to discern his or her needs.  The parish priest may seek guidance in this area from the Office of Spiritual Affairs.

  2. If further assistance is necessary, the priest is to write to the Chancellor of Spiritual Affairs outlining the matter and any previous actions taken as well as any relevant recommendations.  This letter should also contain the full name, phone number, and address of the individual seeking help.  Any medical or other supporting documents may also be included.

  3. Once the case has been received by the Office of Spiritual Affairs a file will be opened.

  4. A written request for assistance will be made to a relevant expert so that a psycho‑social-spiritual assessment may be completed.

  5. Once the assessment has been returned the case file is referred to the Chancellor for discernment before proceeding.

  6. The Chancellor in consultation with the exorcist will decide on one of three actions:
    1. the case should be referred to the exorcist for his discernment and recommendations;
    2. the case requires additional medical and/or psychological supporting documentation before proceeding further;
    3. the case does not require action and the individual is referred back to the parish for ongoing pastoral care.

  7. Once the recommendation of the exorcist has been obtained the Chancellor in consultation with the exorcist will provide guidance to the parish priest who made the initial contact with the Office of Spiritual Affairs.

Revised:  March 12, 2015

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