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Information Sessions

As part of its mission, ORAT offers a number of information sessions to educate key stakeholders, including members of the public, cosponsors, Constituent Groups, and newcomers about various aspects of refugee resettlement. The following provides a list of available information sessions, along with a description of the content covered in each session.  Clicking on the title of each Information Session will provide you with the corresponding PowerPoint presentation.

Please click on the following link to see a schedule of Information Sessions: Eventbrite


1. Introduction to Resettlement

This session marks the first step in initiating a refugee sponsorship application through ORAT. Potential sponsors will learn about the various immigration options available for refugees. Cosponsors who do not attend this session will NOT be able to submit a case through ORAT.


2. About Parish Refugee Ministry

This presentation is intended for parishes and other communities who may be interested in developing a refugee ministry. The session provides participants with the size and scope of the global refugee crisis, and highlights the importance of getting involved in this ministry.


3. Parish CG Formation and General Training

In this session, participants will learn how best to organize their Constituent Group (CG), the key accountabilities that should be assigned, and how best to support their sponsored refugee family in their settlement to Canada.


4. IRCC Processing Time

CGs and cosponsors whose cases were submitted to Immigration Canada are strongly encouraged to attend this session. Participants learn how to follow up on their refugee sponsorship case; how to check on the status of their case online, and how to update the Canadian Visa Office on any changes to the file. 


5. Pre-Arrival Training

This session prepares cosponsors and CGs to welcome and journey with their sponsored refugee family.  The session outlines the number of documents that refugees should receive upon their arrival at the airport.  The session also provides an excellent review of the responsibilities and tasks that sponsors will need to fulfill for their sponsored family.


6. Budgeting and Finance

In 2018, Immigration Canada introduced the new standard of financial support for sponsored refugees.  The complex Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) has been simplified in ORAT’s RAP Calculator and Budget Workbook.  Participants will be able to access this workbook and learn how to monthly budget for their sponsored refugee families.


7. Welcome Orientation

This is a mandatory session for all sponsored refugees who have arrived in Canada through ORAT. At this session, newcomers are provided with information about their legal status in Canada, a list of government documents that they should obtain and government programs that they may have access to, financial and non-financial support from sponsors that they can expect to receive, newcomer rights and responsibilities, etc. In addition, newcomers will receive the Welcome to Canada publication, along with materials on available services and resources in their area of settlement.  If the newcomer requires translation, the sponsor is requested to arrange for a translator to accompany them to the session.


8. About Hosting a Ukrainian Family

Those interested in hosting a Ukrainian family that have arrived to Canada should attend this webinar.   Here they will learn about the current  Ukrainian crisis and how Catholics are able to help those displaced by the war in Ukraine.  While ORAT does not offer its own hosting program it is able to refer interested attendees to an NGO that is offering this program.