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Past Ordinaries of the Archdiocese of Toronto

Ordinaries are the leaders of the local See, or eccleiastical juristiction.

If the See is a diocese, the leader is a bishop; the leader of an archdioce​se is an archbishop.


Bishop Michael Power
Michael Power

Bishop 1841-1847

Bishop Armand de Charbonnel
Armand de Charbonnel

Bishop 1850-1860​

Archbishop John Lynch, C.M.
​​John Lynch

Bishop 1860-1870 | Archbishop 1870-1888​

Archbishop John Walsh
John Walsh

Archbishop 1889-1898

Archbishop Denis O'Connor, C.S.B.
Denis O'Connor

Archbishop 1899-1908

Archbishop ​​F. Patrick McEvay
F. Patrick McEvay

Archbishop 1908-1911

Archbishop Neil McNeil
Neil McNeil

Archbishop 1912-1934

Archbishop ​James Cardinal McGuigan
James Cardinal McGuigan

Archbishop 1934-1971

Archbishop Philip Pocock
Philip Pocock

Archbishop 1971-1978

Archbishop G. Emmett Cardinal Carter
G. Emmett Cardinal Carter

Archbishop 1978-1990

Archbishop Aloysius Cardinal Ambrozic
Aloysius Card. Ambrozic

Archbishop 1990-2006​