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Disaster Relief

September 11, 2019

Last week, Hurricane Dorian devastated the Caribbean nation of the Bahamas, and caused significant damage in Nova Scotia and along the Atlantic coast of the United States.

The hurricane moved excruciatingly slowly across the Bahamian island of Abaco, leaving most buildings and infrastructure destroyed. More than 70,000 people in the Bahamas are expected to need emergency assistance, including food, shelter, electricity and safe drinking water. A still unknown number of people are missing and at least 50 people are dead — a number that is expected to rise quickly over the coming weeks as more bodies are recovered.

In an effort to support those have been most directly impacted by Hurricane Dorian, the Archdiocese of Toronto is accepting funds that will be sent through our Catholic relief partners. Contributions can be made through our parishes and through the Archdiocese of Toronto online portal.

Those wishing to help may do so in the following ways:

We offer our prayers for all those impacted by this tragedy. Thank you for your ongoing efforts to assist those in crisis.