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Geography and Statistics

The Archdiocese covers a geographic region of the Great Lakes area, which stretches from the shores of Lake Ontario north to Georgian Bay. In total, the area covers some 13,000 square kilometre​s, comprised of intensely urban and suburban regions and also small cities, towns and rural areas.

Map: Archdiocese of Toronto

The Archdiocese of Toronto includes the City of Toronto, the most populous metropolis in the country and the growing regional municipalities of Peel, York and Durham th​at surround the City. As the regional municipalities expand, the northern section of the Archdiocese, Simcoe County, is also experiencing notable suburban growth.


Regions and Zones

The Archdiocese of Toronto is divided into four pastoral regions comprising 14 pastoral zones. The four pastoral regions which divide the Archdiocese are the Central, Northern, Eastern and Western Regions. The zones are made up of parishes within a geographical boundary.


Archdiocese of Toronto in 2019

Population - All Residents 6,530,000
Population - Catholics 1,887,000
Archbishop 1
Auxiliary Bishops 4
Diocesan Priests* 388
Religious Order Priests 412
Permanent Deacons 157
Brothers 45
Sisters 471
Parishes and Quasi-parishes 226
Missions 22
Chapels 2
Catholic School Boards 6
Catholic Elementary Schools 483
Catholic Secondary Schools 98
Catholic Institutes of Higher Education 1
*Total number of diocesan priests include:
Resident in the Archdiocese 270
Resident elsewhere in Canada 15
Resident abroad 5
Incardinated in another diocese in Canada 21
Incardinated in another diocese abroad 77
Total 388
Sacraments/Rites of the Catholic Church
Total Baptisms 13,248
Under one year of age 8,454
One to seven years of age 3,411
Over seven years 1,383
First Communion 14,383
Confirmations 12,974
Marriages 2,259
Holy Orders (priesthood) in 2020 9
Holy Orders (permanent diaconate) in 2020 7
Funerals 7,189
Source: Annual Parish Statistical Questionnaire for 2019