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Gifts of Securities

Securities (stocks, mutual funds, bonds)

Donating shares or mutual funds is currently the smartest way to give in Canada. When you donate shares to a registered charity, there is no capital gains tax applied to any benefit received from the sale of these securities.

To donate listed securities, you can obtain our form, the Letter of Direction from your Parish office or download a copy by clicking on it below.

The Archdiocese does not charge fees or commissions of any kind.  There is only a $150 brokerage fee charged by our broker.  You are strongly encouraged to seek professional advice from a private financial professional before deciding upon any charitable gift using personal assets.

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Donation Procedures and Policies

Canada Revenue Agency (Capital Gains)

Please call our office any time with questions:

Rhonda Sogren, Development Coordinator, ext 561   OR

Peter Okonski, Manager, Planned Giving and Personal Gifts, ext 519