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Publications Citing material from the Archives' Holdings

Many publications have been written based on the Archives' sources over the years. Contact us for a complete list of titles, including:​


Agnes, Mary, C.S.J. (1951). The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph: Le Puy, Lyon, St. Louis, Toronto.

Archdiocese of Toronto (1993). Walking the Less Travelled Road:  A History of the Religious Communities within the Archdiocese of Toronto, 1841-1991. 

Beck, Jeanne Ruth Merifield (1977). Henry Somerville and the development of Catholic social thought in Canada: Somerville's role in the Archdiocese of Toronto, 1915-1943.

Beck, Jeanne Ruth Merifield (1997). To Do and To Endure: The Life of Catherine Donnelly, Sister of Service. 

Bros, Alex (1986). Polish immigrant relations with the Roman Catholic Church in urban Ontario, 1896-1923.

Clarke, Brian P. (1993). Piety and Nationalism: lay voluntary associations and the creation of an Irish-Catholic community in Toronto, 1850-1895. 

Clarke, Brian P. (1986). Piety, nationalism, and fraternity : the rise of Irish Catholic voluntary associations in Toronto, 1850-1895.

Comiskey, John P. (2012). My heart's best wishes for you: A biography of Archbishop John Walsh. 

Daubs, Katie. (2019). The Missing Millionaire: the true story of Ambrose Small and the city obsessed with finding him. 

Dixon, Robert T. (2003). Catholic education and politics in Ontario, 1964-2001.

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board (2011). Our story. Our tradition. Our journey: Celebrating the Church-School connection in Dufferin-Peel.

Duggan, John, S.J., & Terry Fay, S.J., editors (1991). Spiritual Roots: The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto at 150 Years of Age. 

Duquin, Lorene Hanley (1995). They Called Her the Baroness: The Life of Catherine de Hueck Doherty. 

Higgins, Michael W. & Douglas Richard Letson (1990). My Father's Business: A Biography of His Eminence G. Emmett Cardinal Carter. 

Hogan, Fr. Séamus (2018). Extraordinary Ordinaries: A History of the Bishops of the Archdiocese of Toronto. 

Hogan, Fr. Séamus (2013). St. Augustine's Seminary, a history.

Institute of the B.V.M. (1916). Life and Letters of Rev. Mother Teresa Dease: Foundress and Superior General of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary in America.

Kehoe, Sara Karly (2004). Special Daughters of Rome: Glasgow and its Roman Catholic sisters, 1847-1913. 

Kennedy, Philip J. (1982). Fergus Patrick McEvay and the Church in Ontario: A biography of the fourth Archbishop of Toronto. 

Laverdure, Paul (2007). Redemption and Ritual: The Eastern-Rite Redemptorists of North America - 1906-2006. 

Manning, Aidan (2009). Between the Runways: A History of Irish-Catholic Settlement in Southern Peel County and Etobicoke. 

​Marrocco, Rita Larsen (2004). The Light from One Candle : A Love Story : A Biography of Bishop Francis Anthony Marrocco. 

McDonald, Irene (1992). For the Least of My Brethren:  A Centenary History of St. Michael's Hospital. 

McGee, Robert (2014). Fenianism: The Toronto reaction 1858-1868.

McGovern, Kathleen (1989). Something More than Ordinary: the early history of Mary Ward's Institute in North America. 

McGowan, Mark George (2005). Michael Power: The Struggle to Build the Catholic Church on the Canadian Frontier. 

McGowan, Mark George (1983). The Harvesters were Few: A Study of the Catholic Church Extension Society of Canada, French Canada and the Ukrainian Question, 1908-1925.

McGowan, Mark George (1999). The Waning of the Green: Catholics, the Irish, and Identity in Toronto, 1887-1922. 

McGowan, Mark George (1988). We are all Canadians: a social, religious and cultural portrait of Toronto's English-speaking Roman Catholics, 1890-1920. 

McGowan, Mark George & Brian P. Clarke, editors (1993). Catholics at the "Gathering Place": Historical Essays on the Archdiocese of Toronto 1841-1991.

McGowan, Mark George (2017).The Imperial Irish: Canada's Irish Catholics Fight the Great War, 1914-1918.

Meehan, Peter M. (2002). Something beyond religion: the Catholic Taxpayer's Association and the Ontario school tax question: a study of Catholic action in education. 

Mlodzik, Arlene. (2004). Portrait of a Group: A Polish Parish in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 

Moir, John S. (1991). Church and Society:  Documents on the Religious and Social History of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto.

Nicolson, Murray W. (1984).  John Elmsley and the Rise of Irish Catholic Social Action in Victorian Toronto.

O'Driscoll, Robert & Lorna Reynolds (1988). The Untold Story: The Irish in Canada.

O'Sullivan, Brian (1984). A Catholic History of York Region. 

​Pautasso, Luigi (2007). Pagine Di Storia Religiosa Degli Italiani Di Toronto. 

Perin, Roberto (1990). Rome in Canada: The Vatican and Canadian Affairs in the Late Victorian Age.

Power, Michael (1998). A History of Mount Hope Cemetery Toronto, Ontario, 1898-1998.

Power, Michael (2002). A Promise Fulfilled: Highlights in the Political History of Catholic Separate Schools in Ontario.

Power, Michael (2010). Servants of all: A history of the Permanent Diaconate in the Archdiocese of Toronto 1972-2007. 

Power, Michael (2013). Singular vision: The founding of the Catholic Church Extension Society of Canada 1908 to 1915. 

Robillard, Denise (2014). Monseigneur Joseph Charbonneau: Bouc émissaire d'une lutte de pouvoir. 

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Wicks, Linda Frances (1998). "There Must Be No Drawing Back": The Catholic Church's Efforts on Behalf of Non-English Speaking Immigrants in Toronto 1889-1939. 

​Zucchi, John E. (1983). Church and Clergy and the Religious Life of Toronto's Italian Immigrants 1900-1940.