2022 Catholic School Trustees Workshop

Saturday, May 28, 2022, 9AM to 4:45PM.

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October’s 2022 Ontario municipal elections will include the election of trustees for the province’s publicly-funded Catholic school boards.  Trustees play a critical role in setting the tone and content used by schools in passing the faith to our children, and through them to future generations.  This one-day online workshop will provide both incumbents and new trustee candidates with information on how to approach the election process, and what to expect not only during the election but in future years of service – as well as opportunities to come to know and network with others seeking office. 

Topics will include an exploration of Catholic thought as it relates to education, communications skills, collaboration with fellow trustees even amid disagreement, the lived experiences of trustees, an exploration of the trustee vocation, a Catholic vision for the well-being and human flourishing of every student, and understanding the importance of publicly funded Catholic education. Participants will emerge from the program with the information they need to run for office, succeed, and serve our children, families, teachers, and administrators with charity and truth.

Presented in partnership with the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association and Catholic Conscience.


  • Catholics who have never considered running to be a trustee, but would like to learn more and explore this vocation;
  • Catholics who have decided to put their name forward, and seek training to run and serve effectively; and,
  • Incumbent trustees who want to deepen their understand of their vocations.

Christians must be conscious of their specific and proper role in the political community; they should be a shining example by their sense of responsibility and their dedication to the common good; they should show in practice how authority can be reconciled with freedom, personal initiative with solidarity and the needs of the social framework as a whole, and the advantages of unity with the benefits of diversity.

Gaudium et Spes (“The Church in the Modern World”)
Vatican II, 1965, #75.

How do I apply to participate?

Send an email to Executive Director Brendan Steven of Catholic Conscience: Tell us a little bit about yourself, why you wish to participate, and why you want to serve as a Catholic school board trustee.

Who can participate?

Our free one-day workshop will be open to anyone interested in learning more about how and why to become a Catholic school trustee, or to continue service as a trustee.

Though this program is specifically designed to support potential trustee candidates for the Ontario municipal elections in October 2022, we welcome trustees and candidates from all Catholic schools.

What will the program entail?

The workshop will be hosted on Zoom, so we can be open to participation from across the province and the country. Sessions will include a mix of presentations, panel discussions, participatory exercises, and group discussions touching on a range of spiritual topics and hard skills training to successfully run, get elected, and serve the common good as a trustee.

Saint Monica, who prayed for the education of her son, pray for us!