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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How are the Archdiocese of Toronto's Pastoral Plan and Family of Faith campaign connected?

The Archdiocese of Toronto's Pastoral Plan, released in February 2013, was the product of several years of consultation and planning. Rooted in prayer, the plan's mission is twofold. The archdiocese's inward pastoral mission is to nurture and strengthen the faith experience of committed Catholics. The apostolic (outward) mission is to announce the Gospel, both to the faithful and those outside the Church.

Much of the Pastoral Plan can be accomplished using existing resources while some will require new funds. The Family of Faith campaign, rooted in the Pastoral Plan, will help raise the necessary funds to implement many of the goals found in the Pastoral Plan. 

To learn more about the Pastoral Plan, visit:

To learn more about the Family of Faith campaign, visit:


2) When will I hear more about the Family of Faith campaign in my parish?

All clergy in the Archdiocese of Toronto have been kept up-to-date regarding the development and implementation of the Family of Faith campaign. The campaign is being conducted in 'waves.'  Following the initial Pilot Phase with ten parishes, four waves are taking place with Wave 4 commencing in the fall of 2015.

The wave assignment for each parish was determined based upon several factors, including the preference of parish pastors. 


3) When will I learn about the timing for my parish's Family of Faith campaign?

As of June 2014, all pastors were advised of their wave assignment. Each parish campaign is a carefully thought out series of activities to help ensure parishes are successful in meeting their goals. The parish pastor will engage his parishioners at various stages, including a public announcement in your parish.


4) How are proceeds from parish campaigns allocated?

Twenty-five per cent of funds raised, up to the parish's financial goal, are reserved for parish priorities (parish share). Seventy-five per cent of funds are directed toward the Family of Faith campaign's archdiocesan-wide priorities. When a parish surpasses its goal, seventy-five per cent of funds above the goal are allocated for parish use. Most donations are in the form of pledges, paid over time.  Funds are credited to parish accounts two times per year, as pledges are fulfilled.


5) What if our parish campaign doesn't meet its goal?

Some parishes will experience unique challenges in meeting their goal. The Family of Faith campaign office will work with each parish to help achieve a successful campaign. Additional campaign resources, as warranted, may be invested in parishes that require additional assistance. If the parish is unable to meet its goal despite the best efforts of the parish and the campaign office, the funds raised (after campaign costs) will still be allocated on a 25/75 per cent basis.


6) How will each parish determine how to use its share of campaign proceeds?   

Pastors are encouraged to consult with parish advisory bodies, including financial and pastoral councils. In addition, parishes that have a debt to the Archdiocese of Toronto for past loans or various payments in arrears, must dedicate at least half of their parish share to debt retirement.  Pastors are also expected to review their infrastructure needs (roof, foundation, HVAC, building accessibility, etc.) to ensure these major capital items are considered.

Pastors should consider the pastoral needs of the parish community. Some examples of how parishes are using their parish share include: youth ministry, financial assistance to a new neighbouring parish community, access for people with disabilities, music ministry, and new church steps.

Regional Bishops must review and approve the plans of each parish.


7) What about other priorities (eg. ShareLife) in my parish and in the archdiocese?  How will they be affected?

Parishioners across the Archdiocese of Toronto are being encouraged to commit to a sacrificial gift to the Family of Faith campaign. As the gift to the campaign is sacrificial, parishioners are asked to maintain their commitment to other priorities, including ShareLife and their weekly parish offertory collections.

Large capital campaigns can have a short term impact on annual fundraising campaigns like ShareLife and this will be monitored throughout the Family of Faith campaign.


8) How can I stay informed and up-to-date about the campaign?

During your parish campaign, parishioners will be kept up-to-date via the weekly bulletin (Family Update), parish website, and messages from the pulpit. To stay informed of the campaign on an archdiocesan basis, visit where you can read the full plan for the campaign and view the video.  You can also follow the campaign on Twitter: @family_of_faith.


9) How were parish financial goals established? 

An extensive review of similar campaigns across Canada, the United States and western Europe was conducted.  The archdiocese also consulted extensively with clergy, including a Priests' Advisory Committee, comprised of pastors from all regions of the archdiocese.  The parish goal is 130 per cent of the annual offertory, Easter and Christmas collections. So, while the specific financial goal for each parish is different, the relative challenge for each parish to meet its goal is equal.


10) How much does the campaign cost?  Who pays for running the campaign?

The Archdiocese of Toronto has engaged external, professional fundraising counsel to develop and implement the Family of Faith campaign. External counsel is based on a fee for service basis.  It is not based on percentage of the revenue generated in the campaign. The total projected cost to operate the campaign is estimated to be $9 million, using a combination of external and internal resources.  Just as the sharing formula is based on a 25/75 ratio, so are the costs to run the campaign. Using this same formula, the 225 parish campaigns will be responsible for $2.25 million (25 per cent) and the archdiocese for $6.75 million (75 per cent) to cover the cost to conduct the campaign.

Each parish's portion of expenses is fixed. A parish that exceeds their goal will not pay a higher share of the costs. Likewise if a parish does not meet its goal, the fixed cost also remains the same.