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Radiating Christ to the World

Posted : Jul-02-2024

Diego Maratta is a retired permanent deacon of Toronto from St. Benedict Parish in Etobicoke. He is also a consecrated member of a lay monastic community, the “Community of the sons and daughters of God”.  The community, well established in Italy, Australia, Uk and few other countries, also have a presence in Canada and right here in the Archdicoese of Toronto. We had the opportunity to ask Deacon Diego some questions about the Community of the sons and daughters of God and thank him for providing such thoughtful and thorough answers.


Radiating Christ to the World

1. What is the mission of the Community of the sons and daughters of God?

We are a community of monks in the world. The mission of the Community of the sons and daughters of God is to be Christ for others in the world, to radiate His peace and joy to a world that does not know Him.

To fulfill our mission, we spend time with God in prayer and contemplation. The more time we spend in the Presence of Christ, the more we will be like Him, and the more we will radiate His Presence. Thus, our mission is to evangelize, not by preaching, nor by doing any special kind of work, but by a presence.

2. When discerning a call to this monastic community, what did you find most appealing?

What drew me to join the Community is its monastic spirituality based on the “Desert Fathers”, who constantly strove to live in the awareness of God’s presence by practicing their way of “unceasing prayer.”

The “Desert Fathers” continue to be for me today, as they were in their times, the role models and teachers in prayer, as well as in the spiritual struggle against sin and temptations.

Radiating Christ to the World

3. If other members of the archdiocese would like to learn more or discern becoming a member of the Community of the sons and daughters of God, what sort of encouragement or advice would you offer them? 

If anyone has been feeling a spiritual hunger for more, or a nudge from the Lord to follow Him more closely, they need not fear, but just “come and see” (John 1:39). We offer them an opportunity to discern their call as aspirants, while they receive individual formation, which may last from one to two years.

The community is open to all baptized persons, 16 years of age or older, men and women, single or married. Besides lay persons that form the majority, the community also includes priests and religious lay brothers and sisters, who, wearing their religious garb, live in their respective Houses of Common Life.


For more information on the Community of the sons and daughters of God, feel free to contact Deacon Diego at 416-294-5576, or by email at amdggloriam@gmail.com, or through the Community website, www.comunitafiglididio.net.