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Jornadas de Vida Cristiana

Contact Information:
4 Haynes Ave.
M3J 3P6
Seminarian/lay person Jorge Barahona


Known As:
Movimiento de Jornadas de Vida Cristiana

Mission Statement:
Jornadas de Vida Cristiana is an Apostolic Hispanic Church Movement evolved from Spain with the Cursillos Movement. It began in Mexico in the decade of the seventies responding to the renewal call of the second Vatican Council. It is in 1985, when the Movement was brought to Toronto, Canada from Costa Rica by Mr. Jorge Solera and his team. Immediately founded by Fr. Fructuoso Garcia and strongly supported by Fr. Santiago Avila in Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. The Movement of Jornadas began in Toronto and as an answer to the call of Pope John Paul II, asking for a New Evangelization, was quickly expanded to Ecuador, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Peru. Jornadas intends to help Christians to get to know God and his Catholic Church, through a live and personal encounter with God in order to start a path of conversion and witness of moral values in a society that is moving towards materialism, secularization and religious indifference. As an Apostolic Church Movement guided by the Holy Spirit, we stand by our desire to serve Christ and the Gospel and commit ourselves seriously to examine, to study and to sit on proper grounds. Our specific instrument of evangelization is a weekend retreat : ‘LAS JORNADAS’ and the follow up Retreat called Post-Jornada. The purpose is to bring the female participants in the first weekend and males in the second weekend to a deep experience of God’s grace. They come out of this experience not merely as “Jornadistas” but as true Disciples of Christ and committed Christians.

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Other - Catechesis- Bible studies, piety and Apostolic Action
Prayer and Spirituality - Conferences and Workshops
Prayer and Spirituality - Retreat Experiences