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Light of Jesus Community-Canada Inc.

Contact Information:
520 Novo Star Drive, Unit 44
L5W 1X7
(647) 330-0915
Seminarian/lay person Eusebio (Boboy) Lipnica


Known As:
Light of Jesus Community (LOJC)

Mission Statement:
To share the light of Jesus to others as effectively and widely as possible through evangelization, discipleship, community, ministry and worship.

Education & Formation - Family Life Programs (Marriage Enrichment, Singles, Engaged, Separated)
Other - Practical sharing on how to live the Gospel in our daily life.
Outreach - Elderly
Outreach - Immigrants & Refugees
Outreach - Youth and Children
Prayer and Spirituality - Charismatic
Prayer and Spirituality - Conferences and Workshops
Prayer and Spirituality - Retreat Experiences