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Natural Family Planning Association

Contact Information:
3050 Yonge Street, Suite 205
M4N 2K4
(416) 481-5465
Rosierre Leka Mercieca


Known As:

Mission Statement:
“The Mission of the Natural Family Planning Association is to teach the Billings Ovulation MethodTM (BOM) of family planning while promoting an understanding and appreciation of fertility that reflects Catholic teachings as outlined in Humanae Vitae. We serve the entire community regardless of religious background: single women, married and engaged couples, adolescents as well as those who provide teaching and counseling to them.”

Other - “Inspired by the teachings of the Catholic Church as summarized in Humanae Vitae, the Natural Family Planning Association in Toronto teach scientifically proven fertility management and morally acceptable natural family planning education to all women and couples through the teaching of the Billings Ovulation Method. NFPA seek to promote the appreciation for the gifts of life, fertility and the marriage relationship as a sacramental experience.” Programs include: (1) Clinic Program – to learn the Billings Ovulations Method; (2) Talks at Marriage Preparation Classes; (3) Mother & Daughter program – girls learn about the changes in their bodies during puberty in the presence of their Mothers; (4) High School program – fertility awareness program for high school students; (5) University Students program – assisting students in understanding their sexuality and to encourage them to develop a sense of personal responsibility for their gift of fertility; (6) Young Adults program – teaching on sexuality, fertility awareness and marriage through Theology of the Body.