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The Eucharistic Youth Movement (junior branch of the Apostleship of Prayer)

Contact Information:
43 Queen's Park Crescent East
M5S 2C3
(416) 922-5684
Reverend Philip Shano, S.J.


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Mission Statement:
The Eucharistic Movement (EYM) is an international Church Movement for the Christian formation of children and young people of both sexes, from 5 to 25. It seeks to teach them to live in Jesus' way, by guiding them into a loving, 'heart to heart' relationship with him, based on a Eucharistic spirituality. It prepares them to live as Christian adults, committed to serving their brothers and sisters in an unjust and secularized world. The EYM is the junior branch of the Apostleship of Prayer, an association entrusted by the Church to the Society of Jesus. It is the renewed form of the old Eucharistic Crusade, which had great success in many countries around the middle of the last century. This renewal began in France in 1962, which gave the Movement this new name, followed by other countries all round the world. Present in around 50 countries in all five continents, the EYM is structured on clear lines of action, stages of Christian growth and a central national coordination.