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Filipino Canadian Catholic Charismatic Prayer Communities

Contact Information:
53 Belvedere Crescent
Richmond Hill
L4C 8V4
(416) 903-3453
Brother Don Quilao


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Mission Statement:
DEFINITION: The Filipino Canadian Catholic Charismatic Prayer Communities (FCCCPC) is the umbrella organization of Filipino Charismatic Communities in Eastern Canada, recognized and endorsed by the Archdiocese of Toronto. A Filipino Catholic Charismatic community is under the leadership of Filipinos, founded by Filipinos, and / or majority of its members are of Filipino heritage. VISION: 1. To serve as an arm of the Catholic Church -- to unite, monitor, serve and guide the Filipino Christian communities in Eastern Canada. 2. To promote and preserve the catholicicity of the Filipino prayer communities. 3. To be the voice of the Filipino charismatic communities to the Diocese. 4. To help strengthen and deepen the faith of the Filipino Christian communities. MISSION: 1. To help Filipino charismatic communities by giving spiritual and moral formation, training, seminars and conventions/ conferences. 2. To create a venue of consultation, discernment and counseling among community members. 3. To promote the spiritual and corporal works of mercy among its members and families. 4. To foster Christian fellowship among members. 5. To coordinate with the Archdiocese for the pastoral guidance, guideline and direction.

Advocacy and Promotion - Pro Life
Advocacy and Promotion - Social Justice
Education & Formation - Catechesis Programs (RCIA, Sacraments)
Education & Formation - Family Life Programs (Marriage Enrichment, Singles, Engaged, Separated)
Other - Give & facilitate Charismatic Faith Formation Programs such as: Life in the Spirit Seminar, Growth in the Spirit Seminar, Discipleship Seminar, Leadership Seminars, Seminars on Catholic Faith. Prayer Meetings, Conventions and Conferences. Use the different Charismas’ of our member Communities & Prayer Groups.
Outreach - Poor / Homeless
Outreach - Sick / Homebound
Outreach - Youth and Children
Prayer and Spirituality - 1. We are defenders of the Word. 2. We will be advocates of righteousness through witnessing and instruction. 3. We will be warriors of the Holy Spirit through praise and intercession. 4. We will be a refuge to the weak, the needy, and the persecuted.
Prayer and Spirituality - Charismatic
Prayer and Spirituality - Conferences and Workshops
Prayer and Spirituality - Marian
Prayer and Spirituality - Retreat Experiences