photo of 4 female LPAs

Lay Pastoral Associates (LPA)

The Lay Pastoral Associate (LPA) is a professionally-trained layperson, employed by a parish to work alongside the pastor for the overall care of the parish. He or she is usually a full-time member of the pastoral team. The ministry of LPA is wide-ranging, relating to all aspects of parish life, but with designated responsibilities, such as sacramental preparation, faith formation, and evangelization, liturgy, pastoral care, or social outreach.

While each Lay Pastoral Associate will have a unique job description, based on the needs of their parish, the three most prevalent areas are:

  • Education and Catechesis
  • Ministry with Maturing Adults
  • Family Life Ministry

A general outline for these particular ministries laid out by the Archdiocese can be found below.


For pastors who are interested in learning more about the LPA Subsidy Program, please visit the website.


We know that there is an overwhelming amount of resources out there and that it might be hard to know where to start. Our office wants to make it easier for you and so has compiled a list of resources at all stages of your ministry (Getting Started, Growing, and Going Deeper). We invite you to peruse our list of resources for LPAs below.


Contact Details:
If you have questions about these resources, formation, and training opportunities, to be added to our Archdiocesan List of Lay Pastoral Associates, please contact the Office of Formation for Discipleship at 416-934-3400, ext. 523 or