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Help Foster a Culture of Life

"It is up to every Canadian to foster a culture of care and love for one another. The answer is not assisted death in its many forms; it is accompanying our family, our friends and even strangers to assist them in life, recognizing the inherent dignity of every person." - Cardinal Thomas Collins​, February 25, 2020

In June 2016, the federal government of Canada passed legislation that legalized access to assisted suicide and euthanasia. In March 2021, the government announced changes that removed many of the safeguards in the original legislation, while also opening access to those who did not have a foreseeable natural death.

With healthcare systems pushed to the brink, the removal of these safeguards in addition to the expansion of eligibility of what is referred to as “medical assistance in dying”, the lives of the most vulnerable people – the sick and the disabled – are in great jeopardy.

As Catholics, we know that each life is precious and should be loved and cared for at all stages and in all conditions. The weakest and most defenseless need access to the greatest amount of love and care rather than being allowed, sometimes encouraged, to preemptively end their own lives.

How can you help?

Pray - Please keep in your prayers all who are sick and suffering, and for those who may be considering euthanasia. Pray too for those who care for the sick, especially those who work in palliative care and tend to the needs of people near the end of their lives.

Learn - As more and more Canadians are considering euthanasia, we have created a dedicated page on our website to provide information and resources about assisted suicide. Visit www.archtoronto.org/en/offices-and-ministries/sub-sites/euthanasia/home/ to access numerous resources.

Act - A new campaign, launched by the Christian Medical and Dental Association of Canada (CMDA) and supported by the archdiocese, encourages all levels of government to broaden access to quality care and resources for those in need of palliative care, mental health services, and support for people with disabilities in an effort to reduce or eliminate the need for the most vulnerable in our society to utilize Canada’s new medical assistance in dying laws.

The “No Options, No Choice” campaign is a response to the federal government’s revised legislation that changed the eligibility criteria and procedural safeguards for medical assistance in dying (MAID) that came into effect in March of 2021. We encourage you to visit https://www.nooptionsnochoice.com/ to watch the many compelling videos and if you feel so inclined, take action by joining their campaign for compassion.

We continue to pray for people who are sick, people who are suffering, and most especially those who are isolated and lack access to quality care and support.