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Sample Bulletin/Pulpit/School Announcements

Cardinal Collins' Letter to Directors of Education and Trustees

You can find the Cardinal's letter to directors of education and trustees by clicking here

Sacred Heart of Jesus – Pastoral Letter & Resources Available

Catholics throughout the Archdiocese of Toronto are encouraged to read Cardinal Collins’ latest Pastoral Letter, “Heart Speaks to Heart”, a deep reflection on the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Visit to read the letter and to access numerous resources that can be used in the home, school or parish setting. The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is observed in 2021 on Friday, June 11 and you are encouraged to offer a special focus on the Sacred Heart in the month of June. The theme of the Sacred Heart, however, is pertinent throughout the year and the resources, prayers and reflections are helpful tools to utilize year round.

Heart to Heart – Pastoral Letter from Cardinal Thomas Collins – Resources for Church, School & Home

Cardinal Collins’ Pastoral Letter on the Sacred Heart of Jesus, “Heart Speaks to Heart”, offers thoughtful reflections on how our faith can help sustain and guide us in a challenging world. Visit to read the letter and access resources that can be used at home, school or in your own local parish.