group of older men and woman arm-in-arm smiling

Ministry with Maturing Adults

This ministry supports the spiritual growth and faith development of men and women in the second half of life (50+). This segment of the population is composed of three groups:

  • Pre-retired and early retired (50 - 70)
  • The more seasoned retired (71 - 84)
  • The elders (85 - 90+)

This is a genuine parish ministry with and for maturing adults, not just a social club for seniors. Its primary aim is growth in Christian maturity.

We know that there is an overwhelming amount of resources out there and that it might be hard to know where to start. Our office wants to make it easier for you and so has compiled a list of resources at all stages of your ministry (Getting Started, Growing, and Going Deeper). Feel free to peruse our list of resources related to the Ministry with Maturing Adults below to help start or enrich the ministry in your parish.

Pontifical Council For the Laity Documents: The Dignity of Older People and their Mission in the Church and in the World
Letter to the Elderly (October 1, 1999) | John Paul II (

Contact Details:
If you need additional information or further assistance, please contact Saulina (Sally) Amaral, Diocesan Coordinator, Ministries of Care and Ministry with Maturing Adults, at 416-934-3400, ext. 518 or