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Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide

​Since June 2016, assisted suicide and euthanasia have been legalized across Canada. We need your help to improve access to palliative care, and to protect the conscience rights of Ontario healthcare professionals and faith-based facilities.

In advance of the June 2018 provincial election in Ontario, we have the opportunity to ask candidates where they stand on these three issues:

  1. Legislative protection for healthcare professionals' conscience rights

  2. Continued conscience protection for faith-based facilities

  3. Improved access to quality palliative care

Please write to the candidates in your riding and the party leaders at It will only take two minutes and can make a big difference.

Video: Statement by Cardinal Collins on Passing of Euthanasia Bill C-14
Watch video: Statement by Cardinal Collins on Passing of Euthanasia Bill C-14​​​

"​​There are two ways, the way to life and the way to death, and there is a great difference be​​​​tween them.” These wise words from an ancient Christian writer come to mind as we mark Parliament’s enactment of the law implementing the Supreme Court’s decision on euthanasia and assisted suicide, which is a fundamentally misguided decision.
- Cardinal Thomas Collins​, June 20, 2016

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