Interfaith Events

Interfaith Events

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March 26
Exploring Social Friendship and Fraternity - Video
February 24
Extending our Embrace - World Interfaith Harmony Week 2021 - Video
January 28
Religions at the service of Fraternity in our World




February 16
Interfaith Festival of Creation- World Interfaith Harmony Week - Video 1 - Video 2
May 7
An Interfaith Prayer Service for the Well being of the Earth and all the beings that dwell upon it



February 7
 Models of Hospitality among religious and cultural traditions - Part one
 April 3
 Models of Hospitality among religious and cultural traditions - Part two
April 25
Ring of Peace and a service of commemoration-Following the attacks in Sri Lanka
May 23
Ramadan: "Breaking of Fast"
September 25
 Potluck: With Interfaith Young Adults
October 4
Feast of Creation 
October 30
Visit to the Masjid Toronto: Come and aquaint yourself with five pillars of Islam
November 16
Wise women in three Texts and Traditions: The Role of women in Jewish, Muslim and Christian Texts and Traditions
December 15
Carols and Candles



January 16
“Role of Women in Judaism, Catholicism and Islam”
February 6
An Ecumenical Youth interfaith Initiative
March 23
Fasting in the Three Traditions
April 27
Cardinal Collins meets with the members of Sikh Sangat of Canada
April 29
#Toronto Strong vigil at Mel Lastman Square
May 15
Interfaith fellowship and gathering: A discussion on a video of Parliament of World Religions
May 25
Interfaith Ramadan Iftar Party
May 27
VESAK:Buddha's Birthday Celebration
August 1
Holdable Holiness: The role of ritual objects in our Traditions
September 6
Season of Creation-Walking together : Multifaith Prayer Service for Care of Creation
September 11
Season of Creation-Working Together : Clean-UP at Woodbine Beach 
November 23
Guru Nank's Birthday- Dixie Gurdawara
November 1-7
Parliament of World Parliament (PWR) Toronto