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Sign-Up Sundays! February 24/25 & March 3/4

Posted : Feb-16-2018

We Need Your Help!

Cardinal Collins and bishops across Ontario are asking for an email address from every Catholic family in their community, with a goal of 100,000 email addresses collected in Ontario by the end of February 2018. This information will be used locally by Cardinal Collins and trusted faith partners to communicate periodically (approximately 6-8 times/year) on issues of particular importance for the Catholic community.

The first campaign of 2018 is the Call for Conscience, inviting our elected Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) and those seeking office this June to increase funding/access to palliative care, to protect health care workers wishing to abstain from any involvement in euthanasia/assisted suicide and to protect faith-based facilities from participation in euthanasia/assisted suicide. The work builds on a similar campaign in 2017.

Many parishes are conducting Sign-Up Sundays, collecting people’s contact information at the back of the church on the weekends of February 24/25 and March 3/4. Please participate.

Alternatively, some parishes are pointing parishioners to a sign-up website,, to register for this program.

No matter which method of registration you use, thank you for living a faith that acts!