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Suggested Prayers of the Faithful

Parishes are welcome to use any/all of the prayers of the faithful below on the weekend of May 4/5, 2024 or at any Mass in the future. For a printable pdf file, please click here. 

The following intercessions are offered for incorporation in your Prayers of the Faithful.

Presider: Let us bring our prayers to the God of all people, knowing that the Lord hears us, walks with us, and leads us into fullness of life:

For people who are experiencing a mental illness. Help them to not despair, but to trust in Your healing love and mercy. We pray to the Lord. Female praying

That our loved ones who are experiencing depression, anxiety, or addiction be strengthened. Bring peace to their mind, their soul, their spirit, and their body. We pray to the Lord.

For all people who face discrimination and stigma associated with mental illness, that they will find inclusion and understanding among us, in the Church, and in our society. We pray to the Lord.

For all mental health service providers, social workers, counsellors, mental health professionals, pastoral caregivers, that they will bear witness to God’s spirit of love. We pray to the Lord.

That people who are troubled in mind and spirit be comforted and relieved. Bring them hope, peace, and the consolation of a loving community. We pray to the Lord.

For people living with a mental illness, and their families, that they find effective treatment and practical support. We pray to the Lord.

That the families and friends of people who are living with a mental illness be granted patience and courage. Increase their perseverance and networks of connection to one another, and the angels of mercy who stand ready to support them as they face challenges to recovery for their loved one. We pray to the Lord.

We commend to your mercy and defence all who are contemplating suicide today. Bring someone or something to intervene. We pray for those who have died by suicide, and for fathers and mothers, friends and families who are now living as survivors of suicide. We pray to the Lord.

Presider: God of compassion and accompaniment, in your loving kindness, we ask that you bring all your people to fullness of life with you, through Christ, Our Lord.


Click here to download a copy of these prayers