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Bulletin Announcement

Suggested bulletin announcement for parishes regarding the Canada Summer Jobs Program

Canada Summer Jobs Program - Be Informed & Reach Out to Your MP

The federal government has introduced new requirements for employers applying for the Canada Summer Jobs grant. To be eligible for funding, employers must attest that both the job and the organization’s core mandate respect certain “values” as determined by the federal government including the government’s position on abortion, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. Organizations unable or unwilling to make this attestation in whole or in part will be deemed ineligible for the grant. This requirement is clearly unjust.

Many Catholic organizations throughout the Archdiocese of Toronto and many other faiths involved in charitable activity at soup kitchens, shelters, refugee welcome centres or summer camps are impacted by this decision. Please take a moment to visit for more information and to find a template letter to send to your MP and the Minister responsible for this portfolio.