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Gallery of Artifacts


Discovered through the Archaeological Investigative Process

Here is a small sample of the artifacts found at the Elmbank site. Photos courtesy of Archaeological Services, Inc.

White spherical buttons with rusty metal wire for attaching to clothing.

White clay pipe bowl

Metal coffin decoration with leaves and flowers

Metal coffin decoration with Mary kneeling before the cross

Metal coffin decoration with an Irish harp

Metal coffin decoration with a crucifix

Rusty metal coffin decoration with a cherub

Decorative metal coffin handle

Decorative metal coffin handle

Metal coffin name plate reading "Mother"

Broken oval coffin viewing glass

Upper dentures

Long thin twisted metal fastener

White religious figurine of an unidentified person viewed from the side

Small glass bottle caked with dirt on the inside

A small brown wooden hair comb

Gold coloured Our Lady of Victory medallion

Dark brown wooden rosary

Dark brown degraded rectangular leather scapular

Bracelet of dark brown carved wooden beads